Nihon Jujutsu - History

Nihon Jujutsu Founder
Shizuya Sato - Born 1929 in Tokyo, Japan. Sato Sensei has dedicated his life to the promotion of traditional Japanese martial arts during a career spanning more than fifty-years. His significant efforts include being a founding member of Kokusai Budoin, International Martial Arts Federation (1951), ...More
American Embassy Judo Club, Serving the Tokyo Community for more than fifty years...More
The following list of legendary masters of Japanese traditional martial arts, Judo and Aikido particularly, includes some of the most influential figures who provided guidance and inspiration for Sato Sensei during his life long career as a proponent of Japanese culture and Budo (the traditional mar...More
Nihon Jujutsu is a modern Japanese martial art that focuses on practical, efficient techniques as originally found in both ancient and contemporary martial arts. Its principles and techniques derive from Japanese unarmed combat and self-defense techniques from pre-1945 judo and aikibujutsu, as well ...More
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