2012 Newsletter & March Events

2011 Kokusai Budoin, IMAF All Japan Karate Championship & Budo Exhibition - 2012 seminar details, and more...

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2011 Newsletter 01 & March Events

Features 2010 Kokusai Budoin, IMAF European SeminarNews, New Year Traditions in Japan, March Events, and More...

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Summer Seminars & Upcoming Events

2010 August Nihon Jujutsu Seminars at Japanese Martial Arts Center (JMAC), 2010 Hombu Dojo DJJF Viking Tour, October IMAF Seminars, 2011 March events, and more...

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Denmark Nihon Jujutsu & Judo Seminar

Seminar with Dr. Peter Deegen Copenhagen, Denmark June 5, 12:00 -15:00 June 6, 11:00 -15:00 DKK 200 kr. (EUR 30) Price includes training, dinner Saturday, access to wellness at nearby training center, breakfast for participants sleeping in dojo

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Nihon Jujutsu Newsletter: 2010 March

See news of recent seminars in Europe, special features, upcoming events, and more...

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09 Nihon Jujutsu Newsletter 07

2009 European Seminars, EJC holiday schedule, ancient and modern Japan, 2010 spring international events, and more...

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09 Nihon Jujutsu Newsletter 06

Summer - festival season in Japan, Aug 09 JKF Judo & Nihon Jujutsu Seminar, online video links, and more...

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09 Nihon Jujutsu Newsletter 05

Nihon Jujutsu Founder Sato Shizuya Sensei biography, Japanese Martial Arts Center 3rd anniversary, upcoming events, website news, and more...

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09 Nihon Jujutsu Newsletter 04

2009 Kokusai Budoin, IMAF 32nd All Japan Budo Exhibition, the 8th Anniversary Roppongi Yoshinkan Aikido Exhibition, 2009 Kokusai Budoin, IMAF Kobudo-sai, upcoming events, website news, and more...

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09 Nihon Jujutsu Newsletter 03

Seminars in Denmark, France, and Germany, up coming events, and more...

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09 Nihon Jujutsu Newsletter 02

Kagami Biraki - Nippon Budokan New Year opening ceremony, upcoming March seminars in Denmark, France, and Germany, and more...

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2009 January Newsletter

2008 year-end seminar, first 2009 event, 09 March event schedule, plus Year of the Ox Special Feature

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2008 December Newsletter

A review of 2008 events, announcing two new websites, 2009 events, and more...

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Judo & Nihon Jujutsu at JKF

JKF members and friends attend workshops directed by John B. Gage

Download: 08.08JKFseminar.pdf


2008 March Jujutsu Seminar in Austria

08 Budokan Wels International Budo Seminar

Download: 08Austriaseminar.pdf


AEJC 50th Anniversary

The American Embassy Judo Club in Tokyo, Japan celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Download: 07AEJC50Anniversary.pdf